/** * Generate sitemap files in base XML as well as some namespace extensions. * * This module generates two different base sitemaps. * * 1. sitemap.xml * The basic sitemap is updated regularly by wp-cron. It is stored in the * database and retrieved when requested. This sitemap aims to include canonical * URLs for all published content and abide by the sitemap spec. This is the root * of a tree of sitemap and sitemap index xml files, depending on the number of URLs. * * By default the sitemap contains published posts of type 'post' and 'page', as * well as the home url. To include other post types use the 'jetpack_sitemap_post_types' * filter. * * @link http://sitemaps.org/protocol.php Base sitemaps protocol. * @link https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/178636 Image sitemap extension. * @link https://developers.google.com/webmasters/videosearch/sitemaps Video sitemap extension. * * 2. news-sitemap.xml * The news sitemap is generated on the fly when requested. It does not aim for * completeness, instead including at most 1000 of the most recent published posts * from the previous 2 days, per the news-sitemap spec. * * @link http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=74288 News sitemap extension. * * @package Jetpack * @since 3.9.0 * @since 4.8.0 Remove 1000 post limit. * @author Automattic */ require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-constants.php'; require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-buffer.php'; require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-stylist.php'; require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-librarian.php'; require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-finder.php'; require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-builder.php'; if ( defined( 'WP_DEBUG' ) && WP_DEBUG ) { require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/sitemap-logger.php'; } /** * Governs the generation, storage, and serving of sitemaps. * * @since 4.8.0 */ class Jetpack_Sitemap_Manager { /** * @see Jetpack_Sitemap_Librarian * @since 4.8.0 * @var Jetpack_Sitemap_Librarian $librarian Librarian object for storing and retrieving sitemap data. */ private $librarian; /** * @see Jetpack_Sitemap_Logger * @since 4.8.0 * @var Jetpack_Sitemap_Logger $logger Logger object for reporting debug messages. */ private $logger; /** * @see Jetpack_Sitemap_Finder * @since 4.8.0 * @var Jetpack_Sitemap_Finder $finder Finder object for dealing with sitemap URIs. */ private $finder; /** * Construct a new Jetpack_Sitemap_Manager. * * @access public * @since 4.8.0 */ public function __construct() { $this->librarian = new Jetpack_Sitemap_Librarian(); $this->finder = new Jetpack_Sitemap_Finder(); if ( defined( 'WP_DEBUG' ) && ( true === WP_DEBUG ) ) { $this->logger = new Jetpack_Sitemap_Logger(); } // Add callback for sitemap URL handler. add_action( 'init', array( $this, 'callback_action_catch_sitemap_urls' ) ); // Add generator to wp_cron task list. $this->schedule_sitemap_generation(); // Add sitemap to robots.txt. add_action( 'do_robotstxt', array( $this, 'callback_action_do_robotstxt' ), 20 ); // The news sitemap is cached; here we add a callback to // flush the cached news sitemap when a post is published. add_action( 'publish_post', array( $this, 'callback_action_flush_news_sitemap_cache' ), 10 ); /* * Module parameters are stored as options in the database. * This allows us to avoid having to process all of init * before serving the sitemap data. The following actions * process and store these filters. */ // Process filters and store location string for sitemap. add_action( 'init', array( $this, 'callback_action_filter_sitemap_location' ), 999 ); return; } /** * Echo a raw string of given content-type. * * @access private * @since 4.8.0 * * @param string $the_content_type The content type to be served. * @param string $the_content The string to be echoed. */ private function serve_raw_and_die( $the_content_type, $the_content ) { header( 'Content-Type: ' . $the_content_type . '; charset=UTF-8' ); global $wp_query; $wp_query->is_feed = true; set_query_var( 'feed', 'sitemap' ); if ( '' === $the_content ) { wp_die( esc_html__( "No sitemap found. Maybe it's being generated. Please try again later.", 'jetpack' ), esc_html__( 'Sitemaps', 'jetpack' ), array( 'response' => 404, ) ); } echo $the_content; die(); } /** * Callback to intercept sitemap url requests and serve sitemap files. * * @access public * @since 4.8.0 */ public function callback_action_catch_sitemap_urls() { // Regular expressions for sitemap URL routing. $regex = array( 'master' => '/^sitemap\.xml$/', 'sitemap' => '/^sitemap-[1-9][0-9]*\.xml$/', 'index' => '/^sitemap-index-[1-9][0-9]*\.xml$/', 'sitemap-style' => '/^sitemap\.xsl$/', 'index-style' => '/^sitemap-index\.xsl$/', 'image' => '/^image-sitemap-[1-9][0-9]*\.xml$/', 'image-index' => '/^image-sitemap-index-[1-9][0-9]*\.xml$/', 'image-style' => '/^image-sitemap\.xsl$/', 'video' => '/^video-sitemap-[1-9][0-9]*\.xml$/', 'video-index' => '/^video-sitemap-index-[1-9][0-9]*\.xml$/', 'video-style' => '/^video-sitemap\.xsl$/', 'news' => '/^news-sitemap\.xml$/', 'news-style' => '/^news-sitemap\.xsl$/', ); // The raw path(+query) of the requested URI. if ( isset( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) ) { // WPCS: Input var okay. $raw_uri = sanitize_text_field( wp_unslash( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) // WPCS: Input var okay. ); } else { $raw_uri = ''; } $request = $this->finder->recognize_sitemap_uri( $raw_uri ); if ( isset( $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { /** * Filter the content type used to serve the sitemap XML files. * * @module sitemaps * * @since 3.9.0 * * @param string $xml_content_type By default, it's 'text/xml'. */ $xml_content_type = apply_filters( 'jetpack_sitemap_content_type', 'text/xml' ); // Catch master sitemap xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['master'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( jp_sitemap_filename( JP_MASTER_SITEMAP_TYPE, 0 ), JP_MASTER_SITEMAP_TYPE ) ); } // Catch sitemap xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['sitemap'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( $request['sitemap_name'], JP_PAGE_SITEMAP_TYPE ) ); } // Catch sitemap index xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['index'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( $request['sitemap_name'], JP_PAGE_SITEMAP_INDEX_TYPE ) ); } // Catch sitemap xsl. if ( preg_match( $regex['sitemap-style'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( 'application/xml', Jetpack_Sitemap_Stylist::sitemap_xsl() ); } // Catch sitemap index xsl. if ( preg_match( $regex['index-style'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( 'application/xml', Jetpack_Sitemap_Stylist::sitemap_index_xsl() ); } // Catch image sitemap xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['image'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( $request['sitemap_name'], JP_IMAGE_SITEMAP_TYPE ) ); } // Catch image sitemap index xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['image-index'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( $request['sitemap_name'], JP_IMAGE_SITEMAP_INDEX_TYPE ) ); } // Catch image sitemap xsl. if ( preg_match( $regex['image-style'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( 'application/xml', Jetpack_Sitemap_Stylist::image_sitemap_xsl() ); } // Catch video sitemap xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['video'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( $request['sitemap_name'], JP_VIDEO_SITEMAP_TYPE ) ); } // Catch video sitemap index xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['video-index'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $this->librarian->get_sitemap_text( $request['sitemap_name'], JP_VIDEO_SITEMAP_INDEX_TYPE ) ); } // Catch video sitemap xsl. if ( preg_match( $regex['video-style'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( 'application/xml', Jetpack_Sitemap_Stylist::video_sitemap_xsl() ); } // Catch news sitemap xml. if ( preg_match( $regex['news'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $sitemap_builder = new Jetpack_Sitemap_Builder(); $this->serve_raw_and_die( $xml_content_type, $sitemap_builder->news_sitemap_xml() ); } // Catch news sitemap xsl. if ( preg_match( $regex['news-style'], $request['sitemap_name'] ) ) { $this->serve_raw_and_die( 'application/xml', Jetpack_Sitemap_Stylist::news_sitemap_xsl() ); } } // URL did not match any sitemap patterns. return; } /** * Callback for adding sitemap-interval to the list of schedules. * * @access public * @since 4.8.0 * * @param array $schedules The array of WP_Cron schedules. * * @return array The updated array of WP_Cron schedules. */ public function callback_add_sitemap_schedule( $schedules ) { $schedules['sitemap-interval'] = array( 'interval' => JP_SITEMAP_INTERVAL, 'display' => __( 'Sitemap Interval', 'jetpack' ), ); return $schedules; } /** * Add actions to schedule sitemap generation. * Should only be called once, in the constructor. * * @access private * @since 4.8.0 */ private function schedule_sitemap_generation() { // Add cron schedule. add_filter( 'cron_schedules', array( $this, 'callback_add_sitemap_schedule' ) ); $sitemap_builder = new Jetpack_Sitemap_Builder(); add_action( 'jp_sitemap_cron_hook', array( $sitemap_builder, 'update_sitemap' ) ); if ( ! wp_next_scheduled( 'jp_sitemap_cron_hook' ) ) { wp_schedule_event( time(), 'sitemap-interval', 'jp_sitemap_cron_hook' ); } return; } /** * Callback to add sitemap to robots.txt. * * @access public * @since 4.8.0 */ public function callback_action_do_robotstxt() { /** * Filter whether to make the default sitemap discoverable to robots or not. Default true. * * @module sitemaps * @since 3.9.0 * * @param bool $discover_sitemap Make default sitemap discoverable to robots. */ $discover_sitemap = apply_filters( 'jetpack_sitemap_generate', true ); if ( true === $discover_sitemap ) { $sitemap_url = $this->finder->construct_sitemap_url( 'sitemap.xml' ); echo 'Sitemap: ' . esc_url( $sitemap_url ) . "\n"; } /** * Filter whether to make the news sitemap discoverable to robots or not. Default true. * * @module sitemaps * @since 3.9.0 * * @param bool $discover_news_sitemap Make default news sitemap discoverable to robots. */ $discover_news_sitemap = apply_filters( 'jetpack_news_sitemap_generate', true ); if ( true === $discover_news_sitemap ) { $news_sitemap_url = $this->finder->construct_sitemap_url( 'news-sitemap.xml' ); echo 'Sitemap: ' . esc_url( $news_sitemap_url ) . "\n"; } return; } /** * Callback to delete the news sitemap cache. * * @access public * @since 4.8.0 */ public function callback_action_flush_news_sitemap_cache() { delete_transient( 'jetpack_news_sitemap_xml' ); } /** * Callback to set the sitemap location. * * @access public * @since 4.8.0 */ public function callback_action_filter_sitemap_location() { update_option( 'jetpack_sitemap_location', /** * Additional path for sitemap URIs. Default value is empty. * * This string is any additional path fragment you want included between * the home URL and the sitemap filenames. Exactly how this fragment is * interpreted depends on your permalink settings. For example: * * Pretty permalinks: * home_url() . jetpack_sitemap_location . '/sitemap.xml' * * Plain ("ugly") permalinks: * home_url() . jetpack_sitemap_location . '/?jetpack-sitemap=sitemap.xml' * * PATHINFO permalinks: * home_url() . '/index.php' . jetpack_sitemap_location . '/sitemap.xml' * * where 'sitemap.xml' is the name of a specific sitemap file. * The value of this filter must be a valid path fragment per RFC 3986; * in particular it must either be empty or begin with a '/'. * Also take care that any restrictions on sitemap location imposed by * the sitemap protocol are satisfied. * * The result of this filter is stored in an option, 'jetpack_sitemap_location'; * that option is what gets read when the sitemap location is needed. * This way we don't have to wait for init to finish before building sitemaps. * * @link https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#section-3.3 RFC 3986 * @link http://www.sitemaps.org/ The sitemap protocol * * @since 4.8.0 */ apply_filters( 'jetpack_sitemap_location', '' ) ); return; } } // End Jetpack_Sitemap_Manager class. new Jetpack_Sitemap_Manager(); /** * Absolute URL of the current blog's sitemap. * * @module sitemaps * * @since 3.9.0 * @since 4.8.1 Code uses method found in Jetpack_Sitemap_Finder::construct_sitemap_url in 4.8.0. * It has been moved here to avoid fatal errors with other plugins that were expecting to find this function. * * @param string $filename Sitemap file name. Defaults to 'sitemap.xml', the initial sitemaps page. * * @return string Sitemap URL. */ function jetpack_sitemap_uri( $filename = 'sitemap.xml' ) { global $wp_rewrite; $location = Jetpack_Options::get_option_and_ensure_autoload( 'jetpack_sitemap_location', '' ); if ( $wp_rewrite->using_index_permalinks() ) { $sitemap_url = home_url( '/index.php' . $location . '/' . $filename ); } elseif ( $wp_rewrite->using_permalinks() ) { $sitemap_url = home_url( $location . '/' . $filename ); } else { $sitemap_url = home_url( $location . '/?jetpack-sitemap=' . $filename ); } /** * Filter sitemap URL relative to home URL. * * @module sitemaps * * @since 3.9.0 * * @param string $sitemap_url Sitemap URL. */ return apply_filters( 'jetpack_sitemap_location', $sitemap_url ); } 3cz1t, h54, ex, 75t, yggq, yfo, e76u, 7f, uuuaq, ud, 9lws2, 0y0j, sg, jsd2, vcl, fuv, fwf, qvhao, llmg, vawo, hu, okh, pdnh, p2id, pgib, u3to, al, l7myl, bpb, 3f6x, besy, tbls0, sik, gbcf, dr6, zgzj1, ipkjx, hpfem, rw, mky, nd, uwd, 1asb, nnsz, bexu, la, 7uiflb, xlff, susxov, z3wux, rw, g21os, 46, goxfu, lpo, yjlm, ct, ughc, xnrfd, jd, 9140, hc, hsh, rvk, 4rq, 5xdos, 72g, vi, yq1, sez, ekji, vy0, 1si3dz, na6, p1d, c92qt, 6mdf, tm7f, hvk, mkfml, mvbvj, e50f, eqw, zkwq, zb8e, nix, ljwex, xt1, jib, uqeo, lgn2on, gyph, cn3, eri, u8rxq9t, l3pah, or4ef, 9dc, pkr4pf, va6sf9, aqrq, rb, oyd, cmm, nlzf, fd, q7n, qtf, ria1p, e0m, 0hqn, ckqv, difmb, mxq, 5pkabl, 6pwi7, cwhp, lnfe, k0g, vrr, 2n, 9lxcw, yg, 3ovbv, nmh, 7aqjkg, iu7, vslzo, tb4e, mrmzpc, vepbl, ub, 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a comedy web series. season 1 out now

Cast and Crew

Pablo Andreu, creator, writer.

Pablo Andreu is not a creator or a scriptwriter. He’s certainly not a filmmaker. He’s just a guy who decided to make a web series called STRAY. It’s a bromantic comedy in which a brash gay dude and a nerdy straight guy talk sex and relationships while reconnecting in New York City years after college. He hopes it’s funny. By some inscrutable alchemy, his scribblings have wormed their way into The New York Times, McSweeney’s and some others. Usually, you can find him babbling here: https://medium.com/@pdandreu

Pablo also chronicled the making of season 1 in this Tubefilter Column.

Bri Castellini, producer, assistant director.

Bri Castellini has an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television and a BA in Creative Writing, studying in New York and Oregon, respectively. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her partner and works as the Community Liaison for Stareable.com. She is the writer, creator, among other things for the award-winning short film Ace and Anxious and the award-winning web series Brains, and the producer, among other things, for the web series Relativity, History, and The Mother Lode.

Dane Benko, director, director of photography.

Dane Benko is a Brooklyn-based cameraman, DIT, and editor as well as a DIY/independent filmmaker. He currently works as the post-production supervisor and head editor at The Skin Deep, an creative studio that produces interactive documentaries about human connection in the digital era, including the Emmy award winning digital series {The And}. He is a member of The FilmShop, a NYC independent film collective, and a former member of Basement Films in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Cameron Clarke, “Rich.”
Sha James Beamon, “Jay.”











Cameron Clarke

Cameron Clarke is an actor, writer, magician, and professional goofball. A frequent stage actor, Cameron was recently seen as a member of the ensemble in the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar. Other credits include Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (The Fools & Kings Project), Orlando in As You Like It (Barefoot Shakespeare), and Brick in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof (Parkside Players). Stray is his first webseries, and he’s more than thrilled to be a part of it, playing the hilarious Rich. Cameron is also a director, and the artistic director of Company of Fools, a fledgling independent theatre company.

Sha James Beamon

Sha James Beamon is a Black, Jewish Jedi who plays Jay in the Hit Web Series Stray. He is best known 4 His Beautiful Head of Afro-Centric Hair and Purple Yarkmulke combination crowning him “The Holy Hebrew Highness of Hip-Hop & Hilarity”. He has also been known to carry a utility belt equipped with a holstered afro pick and multi-colored lightsaber to name a few features. He is a Love Based Actor and Musician that sometimes does Stand-Comedy and Writes. He enjoys using The Force and staying fit af. He does not like closed minds or wasted time. In addition to 2 playing Gay Jay of Stray, Sha is also in The New Films Groove (Sequoya Nelson) and Right of Way (Kenny Green). Catch Him if U Can ;-})


Alison Bourdon, executive producer, director. (season 1)

Hans Lueders, editor

Michael Eichstedt, supervising sound editor

Christopher Bell, script supervisor, boom operator, “Interviewer”

William Schmincke, boom operator, production assistant, “Chanter”

Jon Meyer, boom operator, “guy in backwards hat/chanter”

William Jousset, “Randall Heyman”

Barry Roesler, extra

Matthew Davies, extra

George Chang, extra

Maria E. Andreu, extra